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Good Lord, how long has it been since I've written anything here? That being said, I suppose I have a lot to say, comment on, updates, etc.

Provided all goes well concerning grades (and given the way finals went, I'd like to believe they did), I'm leaving my junior year and will soon be entering my senior year of college. Seems like it really sped by quickly. Not just this semester, but college as a whole. But as for how the semester really turned out...I had no bad professors, per se, but I had some that didn't always sit well with me, the way they did things. I only had one class I didn't like, and that was mainly because it was a math related class. Math and I simply don't agree. Hopefully, the final year will be good as I have nothing but my major classes to look forward to and that's where I thrive.

As for another life update...sometime close to the end of the year, I was told by several people I had only recently met that I, evidently, pass as a woman, one of them claiming to be unaware I'm a trans woman until I purposely made it noticeable by switching voices for a moment. I don't always see it in myself, but perhaps I had done something different with myself that day, and as you might imagine it lifted my spirits. If anything, though, I believe that I've perfected my voice, or have gotten very close. So, for someone who at one time had an extremely deep voice that wasn't remotely feminine, and I'm now able to speak with a woman's voice at all times, I'd say that's an accomplishment I'm extremely proud of. :)

Now all that's left is to get more into the more complicated aspects of transition. But, all in time. Trying to be strong and hold out until I'm able.

As for other things...

In the time since I last wrote here, I discovered several games that were well worth the time, the Dead Space trilogy being the standout of them. I also rediscovered my obsession with the Dark Souls/Demon's Souls series when the sequel released. But it seems like I've run into a small, subconscious obsession lately with games that place a large emphasis on music, among them Rez HD, Child of Eden, Rayman Legends, and Beat Hazard Ultra. All of those are very well crafted, by the way.

It seems that my profile here at DA has gathered more dust than it ever has. I hope to get back to drawing soon, as time constraints due to college made me less able to draw more freely. Now that I'm on break, that SHOULD change, hopefully.

I recently battled online in Pokemon Y for the first time, as I just recently acquired Wi-Fi at my home. Having battled both friends and strangers...I have to say that the friends are much more fun and reliable. Other folks seem to drop out just because. So, to Casey and two individuals both named Zac, I would like to keep up the battles as much as possible. :)

And really...despite not being around for so long, that's really all I have to say for the moment. But hopefully I'll be updating more frequently from this point. Won't leave the folks that like to hear from me hanging for so long.

Until then,

- Justine
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"I know you think I'm wrong, but I'm not your tour guide."

My name is Justine.

I grew up somewhere that likely doesn't exist, because everyone you ask about it has no idea where it is or has never heard of it until then. Nowadays, I live in the city. You know, a place that actually has stores and people.

I possess a great interest in computers and am currently working towards a degree that shows I know how to write broken English in order to tell them how to operate, my favorite form of broken English being C++. So far, college has taken half of my sanity.

Gaming is one of my biggest hobbies, art following close behind, and I have an extreme fondness for every type of music imaginable.

My Closest Friends and Allies
:iconccncc: :iconedgeofgloryus: :iconmastersaltz: :iconzb17:

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